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About Us

Supported by tech experts, retailers, and a vast network of repair shops, DeviceGuard is perfectly positioned to solve any and all your tech needs. From device protection to technical troubleshooting and everything in between, DeviceGuard has you covered.

A vision for device protection

We all live in a technology-enabled world. From the toddler swiping through games on a tablet to the freelancer worker who owns all their own tech, we depend on our electronic devices for many facets of our lives—from entertainment to work. Technology is such a huge part of our lives that when it breaks, so does your daily routine. And yet the mechanisms we have for getting made whole again—insurance, extended warranties, etc.—fail us more often than the technology itself. At DeviceGuard, we have a new vision for device protection that’s built on simplicity, flexibility, and customer service.


DeviceGuard offers protection plans that are simple, straightforward, and transparent. Consumers know exactly which devices are covered for what types of damage. They know exactly what they’ll pay each month, as well as the service fee when they need to activate a repair, because the rates don’t change. 



Many traditional device insurance and warranties lock you into long contracts and only cover a specific device, forcing you to buy multiple protection plans from different providers in order to cover all your different devices. DeviceGuard rejects this model, instead giving consumers power to buy only what they need through flexible plans and bundles from a single provider



DeviceGuard exists to solve your tech problems—whether it’s troubleshooting, repair, or replacement, you can always call the team at DeviceGuard and talk with a real person who is dedicated to solving your problem. 

Enroll in a DeviceGuard protection plan today

DeviceGuard is a simple, comprehensive, and affordable way to protect your devices—from smartphones to laptops to digital doorbells. Flexible plans and bundles ensure that you only pay for the protection you need.

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